As participant, you will have the possibility to contribute either an oral or a poster presentation. Together with 5 plenary lectures and 10 keynote lectures, the program will facilitate discussions in an open atmosphere, providing multiple opportunities for informal discussions, the exchange of new data and cutting edge ideas. Main topics covered include:

  • Speciation, solution equilibria and kinetics in relation to coordination chemistry

  • Supramolecular chemistry

  • Analytical methods and sensors based on metal complexes

  • Solution equilibria and industrial processes (e.g. hydrometallurgy, ion-exchange, catalysis…)

  • Nanostructured metal complexes

  • Metal complexes of environmental and biological interests (e.g. proteomics and metabolomics, interactions with metalloenzymes and biomolecules…)

  • Metals in health sciences (e.g. transport, homeostasis, toxicity, therapy, diagnosis and imaging…)

  • Chemometrics and computational modelling for equilibrium analysis

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